Weather station now discontinued (due to sale of house).

Provided continous weather data almost two decades from June 2002 to May 2020

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Current weather situation at my home at Hauge
at Bryne, Rogaland, Norway 58° 45' 11" N - 05° 37' 31" E
The information is automatically updated.

Panoramic view from
the Weather Station

Panoramic view from the Weather Station
Temperature: 7.7 °C 0.0 °C/last hr
Wind Chill: 0.5 °C
Average day temp.: 6.7 °C
Average night temp.: 7.7 °C
Average Wind Speed: 5.4 m/s 1 min. 5.7 m/s 360° 10 min.
Wind Speed: 9.0 m/s N (6 °) 0.0 m/s Max last minute
Max/Min Values (reset at midnight): Time Yesterday Time Max/Min Values Time Yesterday Time
Maximum temperature: 7.9 °C 11:20 10.3 °C 17:49 High Gust today: 12.1 m/s N 09:24 9.9 m/s N 07:35
Minimum temperature: 3.7 °C 06:23 4.7 °C 01:05 High Gust last hour: 9.9 m/s N 12:00
High Wind Chill: 5.3 °C 01:09 10.3 °C 17:49 High Wind: 9.6 m/s N 10:19 7.5 m/s N 07:27
Low Wind Chill: -8.1 °C 06:20 -4.8 °C 22:56 Max 1 min avg spd: 9.8 m/s
Rain (reset at midnight): Time Time Indoor Temperature: 15.7 °C Language
Selected Language: English
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Rain today: 2.3 mm 5.8 mm yesterday
Month to date: 24.1 mm 500.9 mm this year
Rain last hour: 0.0 mm Sun/Moon: Up Down
Maximum rain rate: 0.0 mm/hr today 0.0 mm/min Last hour Sunrise / Sunset: 05:50 22:52
Current days with no rain: 0, Current rain episode duration: 0 minutes Moon up / down: 05:17 14:58

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This page is generated by the program Weather Display 9.95 from data collected by a DAVIS Weather Wizard III weather station.

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Weather Underground for Hauge, Bryne
Veret på Jæren nå.
Jæren - Sandnes 58°51'36"N - 05°46'48"E
Jæren - Friestad, Kleppe 58°45'46"N - 05°35'24"E
Roma - Ladispoli 41°57'25"N - 12°04'15"E
Map Positions: 58.7° N 5.6° E
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